how to creates leads for your ceramic coating shop

How to grow your business, fill your calendar, open more shops, and make $100k+ per month with ceramic coating.

Marketing Your Shop Online

PartPixel Advertising specializes in elevating your car detailing shop’s online presence. Through Google, we optimize your Google My Business profile, ensuring it’s polished with accurate details and compelling images. PartPixel strategically employs Google Ads, targeting local audiences seeking car detailing services using specific keywords and location-based targeting, maximizing visibility and click-through rates.

On social media, PartPixel crafts visually stunning content, including before-and-after images, customer testimonials, and engaging behind-the-scenes posts to captivate your audience. Our expertise extends to targeted ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, pinpointing car enthusiasts and local communities interested in your services. We curate compelling content, such as maintenance tips and promotions, encouraging interaction and follower growth. PartPixel also implements strategies to incentivize customers to share their experiences, generating valuable user-generated content.

Through meticulous attention to detail and specialized advertising strategies, PartPixel ensures your car detailing shop gains prominence on Google and social media, driving increased traffic and conversions.

Good Leads = Good Profit

Boost Your Ceramic Coating Shop with PartPixel Leads:

🎯 Targeted Leads: Connect with customers actively seeking premium ceramic coating services.

⚡ Higher Conversion Rates: Quality leads mean increased chances of turning inquiries into customers.

🌐 Broad Market Reach: Access a wider audience interested in enhancing their vehicle’s aesthetics.

💡 Precision Marketing: Minimize wasted efforts by focusing on qualified and interested clients.

📈 Business Growth: PartPixel’s leads contribute to expanding your clientele and market presence.

🏆 Top Choice: Establish your shop as a preferred destination for top-notch ceramic coating services.

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Get good quality leads every day, without wasting a dollar on useless tactics. 

PartPixel has over a decade of experience getting online leads for professional services. Below are real results from a PartPixel client using a custom built lead generation engine for ceramic coating.