Did you know one of the world’s top cryptocurrency hedge funds is right here in Tampa?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the last few years, it’s not news that people are building extravagant amounts of wealth by trading digital assets such as Bitcoin & Ethereum. Large investment firms such as JP Morgan have started moving their investments into the crypto space and Tesla, the electric car manufacturer, has invested $1.5 billion in Bitcoin, an investment that is estimated to be well over a billion dollars in profit already. Deltacore Digital Assets, a hedge fund with offices in Tampa, Florida is solely trading cryptocurrency and is giving Wall Street a run for it’s money. Deltacore is currently ranked by Preqin at Top 40 of all 13,333 reporting cryptocurrency hedge funds in 2020 and is ranked #9 on the BarclayHedge monthly performance ratings in the cryptocurrency category for the month of January 2021.  

This fund was ranked based on the data in BarclayHedge’s Managed Futures Database

Trading In Turbulent Markets

In a bull market anyone can find success easily, but it is a real testament to our skill as a fund to not only adapt but thrive in turbulent markets.

Mark Palomba, Chief Investment Office, Deltacore Capital

Deltacore Capital first started in 2018 when it was extremely difficult to overcome the public’s overwhelming doubt in cryptocurrency. Since the initial investment of $75,000 the company has grown into a multimillion dollar fund but, their first years were not easy. Against popular predictions, Bitcoin hit the highest it would ever be for the year just a few months into the fund’s inception and then dropped significantly. Deltacore Digital Assets still came out on top for the year. Mark Palomba, Chief Investment Officer for Deltacore Capital with over a decade of experience in the finance industry, explains that: “We don’t trade what we think, we trade what we see. We’re not here to predict markets, we’re here to be prepared for markets and regardless of what happens there’s always an opportunity. Preparation and proactive strategies are what keeps us running during the toughest times. ”

Mark Palomba, right, at the trading desk at Deltacore Capital in Tampa, Florida.

The Global Pandemic & Cryptocurrency

The world went through a black swan event in 2020 when world economies were shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, the world is a much different place. Many brick and mortar businesses have permanently closed their doors. Small businesses have been hurt the most and many investors lost their trust in the market and started opting for holding liquid cash rather than investing. Bitcoin lost over half of it’s value in March 2020 and yet Deltacore Digital Assets had their best month since inception. Since then the value of cryptocurrency has skyrocketed and is projected to continue to grow as more and more institutions are investing in digital assets.

One of our main goals is to be able to give investors and employees the opportunity to grow in a space that they may never have had access to. The personal and emotional reward of helping create a significant change in the lives of the individuals in our fund is something that motivates all of us to work hard on a daily basis.

Mark Palomba, Chief Investment Office, Deltacore Capital

Working At A Hedge Fund in Florida

Cryptocurrency is a very new form of asset that is constantly evolving and requires professionals that are ready to grow and change faster than ever before. Deltacore hires not only the best and brightest but also individuals that are creative and have a growth mindset. The ability to grow on a daily basis is what keeps traders ahead of the market, that means running multiple strategies that are exponentially more innovative every day.

Deltacore is growing very quickly and is constantly looking for the best talent in the finance world. Their office includes a meditation room with massage chairs, Virtual Reality games, and beautiful views of downtown Tampa to enjoy while working.

The Future of Cryptocurrency

With top economists and institutions such as Mastercard and Blackrock moving into the cryptocurrency space and the world moving towards mass adoption, the market for digital assets is only in the beginning stages. With continuing and compounding problems with world economies and the devaluation of the American Dollar, many are moving towards investing in digital assets. What was a relatively unknown investment vehicle only a few years ago has recently become an essential addition to any portfolio.

Deltacore’s outlook is good and the City of Champions has another winner calling Tampa home.

We are still in the early days of the cryptocurrency world and continued widespread adoption is inevitable. Deltacore Digital Assets will continue to grow and evolve as crypto adoption becomes more prevalent and we are confident that our future successes will eclipse our current success astronomically. 

Mark Palomba, Chief Investment Office, Deltacore Capital