Brands need an ecommerce & Product strategy

Work with an agency that knows data and metrics, but also understands sales psychology.

The pandemic accelerated ecommerce evolution. These days, it’s as crucial for ecommerce companies to differentiate their digital retail experience’s quality as it is to differentiate on product or price.

If you can create a seamless purchase journey, you can encourage engagement and increase market share. But only if you know what your customers really want and how to make it easiest for them to buy.

Scaling an E-Com Brand to $11 Million

Account Strategy

Beauty & Skincare Ecommerce Brand

Target Spend:

βœ… $1,500/day
*Spend is targeted, not mandatory.

πŸ”ŽΒ  Search – 35%

πŸ›Β  Shopping – 35%

πŸ“²Β  Display – 10%

πŸ“ΊΒ  YouTube – 20%

Target Results:

πŸ’°Β  $6,000/day revenue

πŸ“ˆΒ  30% monthly increase in IG followers

πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ 70% new customers, 30% returning

Actual Results

πŸ’³ $2,500/day Ad Spend

πŸ’° $10,000/day Revenue

πŸ‘© 33% Returning Customers

πŸ“ˆ 40% increase in followers (due to celeb endorsments)

tactics & methodology

partners & platforms

Everyone buys online, but not everyone uses the same platforms.

Platforms We Work With:


βœ… Woocommerce

βœ… BigCartel

βœ… BigCommerce

βœ… Amazon FBA

βœ… Etsy

Ads Partners:

πŸ“’ Google

πŸ“’ Facebook

πŸ“’ Instagram

πŸ“’ TikTok

πŸ“’ YouTube

Building a sales funnel

Each ad must be connected to a funnel that drives sales.

Build your funnel Free Audit on your current funnel

build a brand that lasts

We believe the best brands are built on returning customers. While we build yours we focus on retaining at least 30% of your customers for future purchases.

  1. Partner with influencers/celebrities.
  2. Cross promote with other brands that align with yours.
  3. Build at speed that allows you to continue to provide great customer service.Β 
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