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PartPixel offers contract-free lead generation programs that get your business more qualified leads without overspending your marketing budget without seeing a return. 

industries we provide leads for:

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Vehicle Services

Do you work on cars, trucks, boats, planes, or recreational vehicles? We’ll make sure the people who own those vehicles come to you when they need to be fixed or upgraded. Ceramic Coating Shops click here.

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Solar Panels & Energy

Looking to get qualified homeowners to purchase panels/battery storage? We’ll make sure your ads reach the right eyes.

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Roofing & Painting

Replacing a home’s roof and repainting is a highly lucrative and competitive market. We’ll make sure you’re getting top leads for the right prices.

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Legal Counseling & Aid

There’s no shortage of people needing legal help, but there are a lot of law firms around from them to choose from. We make sure they choose you.

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Smoke Shops

Although you can’t advertise on Google or Meta, we know how to get your shop seen online & get people coming in from all over your area.

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Online Coaching

Are you selling an info product online? We’ll make sure your ad campaigns reach your target audience.

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Real Estate Consulting

It’s nothing new that real estate is the world’s most common and effective investment. It is new that you can now reach millions with your expertise.

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Accounting & Financial Services

A service that everyone needs, especially if they want to keep as much money from the tax man as they’re allowed to. We make sure they come to you.

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Lead generation process

Now that we understand how lead generation fits into the inbound marketing methodology, let’s walk through the steps of the lead generation process.

  1. First, a visitor discovers your business through one of your marketing channels, such as your website, blog, or social media page.
  2. That visitor then clicks on your call-to-action (CTA) — an image, button, or message that encourages website visitors to take some sort of action.
  3. That CTA takes your visitor to a landing page, which is a web page that is designed to capture lead information in exchange for an offer.
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